Eldorado is an ancient myth that dates back a few thousand years. This is the ideal city of Tuva where culture and civilization have reached their highest level and now we have chosen this great name to give us a way to get to the top of the art of furniture industry in Iran.

Deborah was when we felt the vacuum of an honorable and reputable Iranian presence in this field. We are going to work with the registration of the company of Elahe Duran Duran with the registration number 1000 and the national ID 14005758058 under the brand of Al Dawrud, to accomplish what had been done by foreign companies before. That is, work based on the technology of the day, so we combined industry and art together to provide the best design and quality.

Maybe it’s not modest to say that in the shadow of God’s favor and effort, we are the first to have the national standard in Iran in the home furnishings industry as well as in many other international standards, we have come up with this high-quality, Bringing the strength to the principles of day design on a customer-centric axis.

After years of experience in direct and indirect sales of products in the DDO’s stores, with the advent of technology, as well as the satisfaction of respectable customers, and the access of all compatriots around the world to Iranian furniture and home furnishings Domestic, we tried to make this website available to Iranian experts to provide more and faster services and to sell products online and easily.

Hope with the help of God and your comments and criticisms of your loved ones have always grown in this field and, like many years ago, we have achieved the satisfaction of our respectable customers.